Jehst - Mork Calling Orson

Referencing the cult alien sitcom from the turn of the 80s, ‘Mork Calling Orson’ is Jehst’s sixth album reaching a typically supreme standard of syllables and similes bearing a red-eyed hue.

Featuring the tracks ‘Daily Planet’, ‘One Horse Town’, ‘Wild Herb’ and ‘Autumn Nights’, and with Confucius MC, Eva Lazarus, Lee Scott, CW Jones and SINDYSMAN guesting, Jehst continues to unlock his superpower of making the melancholic incisively slice through all before him.

His partiality for provocative references to the fore, and sloganeering that “you hear the voice of God when I rock the mic”, “Jehst for president” and “I’m Nas in that ‘Illmatic’ phase” without either irony or pretence, ‘Mork Calling Orson’ begins as drowsy, clouded and dry-mouthed, occasionally letting light peer through the curtains, otherwise at peace with self-imposed exile (“ain’t no sunshine, regardless of climate change”). Nostalgic soundbites are interspersed with namechecks of Audio Two, Vanilla Ice, Daley Thompson, Mayor Quimby and Aloe Blacc, and Keor Meteor and Beat Butcha provide subtleties of assistance on production.

The classically 90s, NYC beats of ‘Footsteps’, and ‘Lonely World’ mutedly following its lead, have Jehst rising up, alert to self-examination and the outside world. Returning to familiar sticky green comforts on the G-funked ‘Wild Herb’, is a trigger for the album to find strength and leave its shell, with the subsequent ‘Doctor’ and soft rock lineage of ‘Daily Planet’ and ‘Flight to LA’ allowing for streams of consciousness and the sort of word association and reactions to reality that have been Jehst’s hallmark for decades.

The lullaby of ‘One Horse Town’ is the album’s centrepiece, gently ascending and fighting any previous pessimism, before Jehst retreats through the ‘Front Door’ and on the graceful ‘Skyline’; a fractured soul conflicting his previous status of “mentally irate, physically primate”, stays eloquently, edgily tack-sharp to the last.

Produced by Sonnyjim (1/2/12) Jehst (3/5/6/11) Sam Zircon (4) Mr Brown (7) Beat Butcha (8) Keor Meteor (9) Taharka (10)

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