Johnny Ciggs - Grace St.

This project is dedicated to Alex, Dan & James. Thanks for all the years of friendship fellas. To Vasquez, Andy, Kate, Kyle and everyone else that was a regular at 1640 w Grace st. There’s a party at the house tonight, 8 kegs, see you there. Thanks for the memories.

Jules. The prophecy. It’s been a pleasure. One day at a time.

tracks 1 & 4 produced by Ant the Symbol.
track 2 produced by Delta Automatic.
tracks 3 & 6 produced by Fan Ran.
track 5 produced by GÜERO.
track 7 produced by KevSamples.

recorded and mixed by Johnny Ciggs.
mastered by John Canada.
artwork by Jarred Barr.
layout by Escalera Studio.
2023 Gritty City Records.

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