Judas Brutus (Jihad the Roughneck MC, The Architect, Drasar Monumental) - Judas Brutus

What do you get when you combine three forward thinking, California born and bred, life long dedicated Hip Hop powerhouses?


“Roughneck Jihad”

Since the late 90’s, Jihad has released an avalanche of releases laced with high level vocabulary, and an acute sense of morbid innovation…

From the “Third Sight” era, with D-Styles & Du- Funk, to the slew of material leading up to the present day- Jihad has solidified his position as a creative genius behind the mic-device..

A true original by any sense of the word…


Architect’s group “Homeless Derilex” was one of the first groups signed to the influential label, “Stones Throw” in the 90’s…

Since then, the ultra prolific producer has collaborated with Nowaah The Flood, Opio, A Plus, Planet Asia, Coolio,Encore, Kurious, and many others throughout his illustrious career…

You will be hard- pressed to find a more technically sound, well rounded, producer than the Architect…

“Drasar Monumental”

DJ,MC, & producer Drasar Monumental is mostly known for his groundbreaking production for MFGRIMM (GMV Trilogy), and his work with Queens NY producer “Ayatollah” as the Boxcutter Brothers..

A true triple threat- Drasar’s style borders on sensory overload with a penchant for drama and unpredictability…

We highly suggest you give this Judas Brutus debut a thorough listen- but please brace yourself for heavy turbulence- the mold is now officially broken….

Available now on all DSP’s- wax soon come..

Big up to @sonnytheflygod for the visual assist.

Tracks Produced by THE Architect and Drasar Monumental
All Lyrics Written and performed by Jihad the Roughneck MC

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