Juga-Naut - Situationist: Stolen Art PT. III

Third time lucky, ā€˜Situationistā€™ is the third instalment in the ā€˜Stolen Artā€™ series. Created entirely in a single month, this is mixtape era energy executed to exact an everyday artistic revolution. Entirely produced by Jugz, ā€˜Situationistā€™ is a statement piece drawing upon a rich palette of colours and flavours, textures and tones, to take you from a moody late-night drive with your favourite person, to a 90s house party, backdoor casino or speakeasy. Evoking both memory and fantasy, this album draws inspiration from the neighbourhood corner shop of your youth and the far reaches of the galaxy. You may think you know Jugz, but this album will set a new bar.

This album is best listened to in a 1993 Honda Civic, driving slowly over speed bumps, while on the way to get 6 wings and fries with an orange Mirinda. This album is best enjoyed as a way of escape.

Written and performed by Juga-Naut.
Produced By Juga-Naut.
Recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered by Juga-Naut at VVVISIONS Arthouse Studios.
Original Photographs by Emily Damyan.
Artwork by Juga-Naut - 2022.

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