junclassic, Clypto - Tell me Something i Don't Know

Tell me Something i Don’t Know is the new album by prolific Queens artist junclassic. Known for sharing intriguing personal narratives, jun’s guttural baritone is distinctive and engaging. He delivers in a calm, measured temperament, revealing the hardened perspective of a middle aged Black man from New York trying to make sense of an increasingly chaotic world.

Produced entirely by Clypto, Tell me Something i Don’t Know is encased in a scintillating soundbed of soul, R&B, gospel, and jazz arrangements with curious splashes of vocal wails and the occasional church-like outburst of soulful crooning. The sample laden sonic backdrop gives the album a cinematic quality, conjuring images of cold New York City nights replete with paranoia, fatigue, occasional nefarious activity and intelligent, prideful Black and Brown faces.

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