junclassic - Long Days and Short Lives

What is it about a long day that drives us crazy? Is it the hectic commute to work? The over enthusiastic boss that seem to have their eye fixated on us more than anyone else? The gossiping coworkers that never seem to be doing what they are supposedly paid to do? Or is it the guy standing in front of the store giving you that not so friendly glare? Or is it your significant other pressing all the right buttons at all the wrong times? There is something about a long day that often makes one wonder what the hell they did to deserve such a fate. A long day can lead to serious contemplative thought. Should I have done things differently? Why does life have to be so difficult? Will it always be like this? Wouldn’t it be dope if we could wrestle with the hands of time.

Thats what led to the cover art. Shout to Beeb.

This album explores vivid memories of yesterday. It conjures the nostalgia of innnocence found and lost. It explores the joys of youthful camaraderie and the painful circumstance of losing friends and loved ones to betrayal, poor health choices, violence and ultimately, time. It questions the pursuit of happiness and the crippling anxiety that often accompany the fear of failure. It revels in the bliss of recreational marijuana as well as the comprehensive empowerment of Black Love. These poetic diatribes are backed by soulful, emotive production from a variety of extraordinary sound scientists who create a world where the drums snap, boom and bap while the bass rattles below and colorful, sampled arrangements bounce atop the thump, coalescing into a particularly moody atmosphere. Long Days and Short Lives speaks to the resilience necessary to get through the long days. It also reflects the cruel reality where it doesn’t take much to turn all of these long days into a short life.

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