JUNE! - What a Life

first and foremost, i wanna thank my wisdom, jae, and my understanding, lulu, for keeping me on my toes to push through the pain. the highs & the lows. to my brother jared, i love you. 4 years still solid. you and daya had that energy on “GROWTH”. your words kept me going thru times of wanting to give up all this year. glad we still going. peace to Mickey Christmas for tapping in one time showing love, we gon get sum locked in fasho next time. elias, my comet, waiting patiently for our story to fully begin, always bringing warmth when I hear from you! the kid myles, welcome to IND nigga! went dummy on track 3! grateful for more Charlotte heads tapping in w/ me thru John & Lxnny, bless them & the lovely Emily for really rapping on “MONEY LONG”. s/o Morivivi. my sibling Ajaya always been in a nigga corner, so this collaboration was well overdue. He & Seline really took shit to a level on “COME CORRECT”, peace to them. Roman., the best MC alive, bless you for always staying consistent and committed. Ridgy, Reikii, Chris, bless y’all tenfold. Jade, you a beautiful soul. I appreciate your kindness tenfold. Double Barrel, Sue, Renaissance Mic, peace to you all. & the biggest s/o is to louisiana’s finest, STOGIE. when he sent back that Bonus, had me walking the whole room stank face. all in all, this project wouldn’t be shit without yall tapping in and fucking with my sounds throughout my struggle. in and out of strife figuring life out. to my momma, pops, i love you. it’s been quite #WhataLife fr

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