IND presents “GROOVE”, an album by JUNECINEMA & noOn
written by JUNE! & Jay Cinema
produced by noOn
mixed & mastered by the hermit sun.
cover art drawn by Craiggory

“Charlotte rapper JUNE! and Yonkers MC Jay Cinema have always meshed well on collaborations in the past, but never like this before. Staying in house with Long Island rapper/producer nOOn and his unique abstract sounds, the trio brings forth “GROOVE”, a 16 minute thank you to the beloved supporters and fans all around.

As each artist respectively holds their own weight, they become a powerhouse of talent, nothing new from the I’ll Never Die collective. According to Pitchfork, “They earn all the grit they got”. Rising underground heavyweight MALCLM. makes a quick appearance which fans will appreciate, as nOOn takes you through sonic versatility, breathing fresh air into the rap scene. This is a rap album worthy of praise and acclaim. See that for yourselves.”

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