Juxx Diamondz - Lord Knowz Vol 2: Dont Be Scared Be Frightened

Collectively known as the Cornerstore Connoisseurs, veteran MC’s Grand Scheme & Buddy Leezle serve up an illustrious soundscape for listeners to pound the pavement to. The production & lyrics on this project craft a true to form representation of the gritty essence in Philadelphia culture & capture the hustlers mentality of turning nothing into something. The debut album “No Stunt Doubles” layers it’s depths the same way the duo of wordsmiths prefer to rock their Ralph Lauren garments. The Connoisseurs bring with them a roster of heavy spitters that include Jon Murdock & Lex Starwind (Foundation/LCOB), & Da Buze Bruvaz (Lo Life Philadelphia/Grilchy Party). Stretch The Mad Scientist, DistantStarr, & MistaMaff are just a few included on the line up for production & DJ TMB laces the tracks cuts with masterful displays of turntablism.Tap in to get your fix!

Sincerely yours…. The Cornerstore Connoisseurs 📟💉

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