Jye Bon - Reign Through Our Mourning

Crafted through hardship & prayer..
I’m here for the morning, I made it through the day and night.
All praises due to the most high.

Tracks 1, 10, and 11 produced by BREAD
2 and 3 by RÔDEZ
4, 7, and 8 by Theravada
5 and 6 by your best friend jippy
9 by Delicasteez
Bonus track produced by Jye Bon.

Track 4 “Chess Game” featuring Raz Fresco
Track 9 “Majesty” guest vocals by Amiria Mahuika
Track 11 “Golden Child” featuring Nelson Dialect.

Recorded and mixed by Alnitak Kid besides “Golden Child” recorded by Delicasteez and bonus track recorded by Jye Bon.
Mastered by Wayne Sunderland at Suture Mastering.
Artwork by Umbreli.

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