K.Burns - The Album, That Never Existed

A very rare collector’s release from K.Burns; “The Album, That Never Existed” is a lost tapes & 20th release from the Brooklyn native, compiled of OGB’s unreleased music & featured tracks you may have missed from 2018-2020. With production from your favorite underground producers today, it’s definitely a tape from OGB that you must have in your collection as a true supporter & GVNGXRZ. Only 20 12” Vinyls are pressed worldwide in honor of this 20th release & will never be repressed again so get your rare Collector’s Edition vinyl today!

Beats by Ecto-84, Widowmaker, FarmaBeats, Vinyl Villain, IAMT2, Kheyzine, Rob Diner0, 8-bza, Bass Reevez & BadBeats87.
Guest Appearances by Rim, Eddie Kaine, Fastlife & Peaz.

Executive Produced by K.Burns
A&R Direction: Eddie Word
Production: Ecto-84, Widowmaker, Farma Beats, BadBeats87, IAMT2,
8-Bza, Kheyzine, Vinyl Villain, Bass Reevez, Rob Dinero & More

Appearances by: Peaz, Rim, Eddie Kaine, FastLife & Peaz
Recorded at Various Locations, NYC
Cover Art: K.Burns

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