Kennedy Krills - Eddie Vibes *Dirty Edition

Dirty Edition!
#RipTonyBrown #RipSteadfast
“They call me Booty Landraws cuz when I sing like Luther Vandross, I land the draws!”. A Party theme album inspired by the r&b era in which he came up in, the 80s. And who other to draw inspiration from then Eddie Murphy himself. The hands down undisputed King of Comedy in the 80s. But did u know about his pop music career?

Lyrics by Kennedy Krills + featuring MENTaL da God, West Philthy, O.D.o.g., the Messiah, Leek Coleman, Benny Vegus, Dyzzi, Solomon D’Augustine.Obvious Bane
Produced by () K Krills, Obvious Bane, MENTaL da God, Dirty Commerce, Dr. Flowtron,Edgewise, M.Fasol.
2022 Soul Chapel Music

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