Kev Brown - GOOD.


I started working on this project a few years ago. this was a while after the falling out with redefinition records (who? Don’t worry about it). This project and the “untitled” joint with my face on the front smiling was just a show that no matter what’s going a “record label” and certain life circumstances can’t stop me from doing my art.

I had planned to make it grandiose and full…i ended up keeping it mad simple…no cuts, no interludes all thru it, just a raw tape that you would play for your friends and stuff when yall kickin it.

Blame MADLIB/MF DOOM and BILL WURTZ(look em up if u don’t know!) on the inspiration of the song structure. I do whatever i want musically…as usual. I put this out originally on my website back in “COVID summer 2020”.

big thanks to everyone that actually shows real support. It means a lot and I couldn’t do it without u.

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