Kid Abstrakt, Leo Low Pass - Still Dreaming

Now here’s a funky introduction of how nice Kid Abstrakt is!

The young MC from Los Angeles, CA represents the jazzy 90s rap sound like no one else in 2023. Not only on the Westcoast but internationally. Kid Abstrakt is keeping the legacy of A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul & The Pharcyde alive and relevant by using it as a source of inspiration to tell his own story.

Kid Abstrakt started out as part of local trio Revolutionary Rhythm before releasing his first album “Daydreaming” in 2017, produced by The Deli from Austin, Texas. With a growing fanbase overseas Kid Abstrakt started working with producers and bands like Cap Kendricks (Germany), Emapea (Poland) and Jazzbois (Hungary).

“Still Dreaming” - his new album for Melting Pot Music - is entirely produced by Leo Low Pass from Amsterdam. Leo’s signature sound of jazzy boom-bap and Lofi beats provides the perfect backdrop for Abs positive and skillful rhymes. One could easily dismiss “Still Dreaming” as a throwback album with a sound that is somehow stuck in the past. Kid Abstrakt’s love for that jazzy boom-bap is all over the place. He even raps about it - with the same passion and humbleness that he raps about his life, his family and the world we are living in today. That’s why we rather call “Still Dreaming” feelgood music that doesn’t suck.

Feature artists include Vsteeze, Tab One, Kamau, Awon, Rain Bisou and Hvmble.

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