KILLVONGARD - Life Is a Masterpiece.

“this album is a four act play in the form of a twelve track album about learning how to be a human who happens to be an artist.”

“LIaM is a pop album. It wasn’t made with just the underground in mind. The album is lifelike and the closest thing to cinema that we’ve felt from music in the9ardenstate.”

dedicated to the memory of our cat Potato.

all songs produced by KILLVONGARD
“no hobbyist” produced by Slumber Logic (@slumberlogic77)

“portrait” & “rule of thirds” produced by the9ardenstate

& “denouement” produced by DirtBaby (@dirtbaby2016)

featuring the vocal talents of:
Love, Ulysses (@LoveUlysses651)
Defcee (@defcee)
paris•ye (@_.parisye) executive produced by the9ardenstate
recorded, mixed and mastered by LEALE (@madebyleale)
cover art shot by Varya Bazalev (@varya.png)

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