LMNO, 2MEX - Humble Is The Style

“Humble Is The Style” the long (1) Overdue album by LMNO & 2MEX is now here & (2) It’s Really ON! LMNO & 2MEX encourage us to (3) Ghettout the regular degular zone and take you all the way there on this album.
Thankfully, not one (4) Index Barrell is unlawfully pointed on “Humble Is The Style”!
Make sure to (5) Hold On Tight after you take a (6) Double Shot ExpressO and you’re swiftly reminded that (7) LoveOpensVirtueEverytime.
The Visionaries are well aware of the fakes and that (8) They Lie to You which is why The Visionaries Always Rock The Spot Wholeheartedly.
LMNO & 2MEX are the (9) Travel Agency you need to go to whenever you need to take a trip away from the BS.
The rediscovery of this album is right on time & necessary audio for life. Thank You LMNO & 2MEX “Humble Is The Style” yes indeed!

-M. Weston

Humble Is The Style
Produced By Dert, J.Rocc & Ld
Written By LMNO & 2MEX (except for “They Lie to You” Dannu, Zen & KeyKool wrote their own fire)
Recorded & Mixed By Ld
Mastered By Wiz1der
Artwork & Photo By KeyKool


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