Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon, Buck Dudley - Highly Favored

Highly Favored, the latest album from Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon and producer @buck_dudley, is the latest in a long line of quality products from a rapper whose style seems to gel well with virtually any beatmaker worth his salt.

‘I’m Good Luv, Enjoy Though’ is a killer opener, @buck_dudley production sounding like a full live band as Jah-Monte delivers another astoundingly memetic hook. ‘PPP Forgiveness’ has him spitting knowledge with incredible tenacity, ‘My Old Plug Still Pussy FYM’ soon follows with a similar level of delivery but a very different style of beat. There’s something about this latter song that fits him like a glove, allowing Jah-Monte to fit into pockets of the beat that most wouldn’t be able to find. Things get heavy on ‘Pray For My Pending Case’, @buck_dudley production matching the wistful but determined tone. The album shifts lyrical focus as often as any other Jah-Monte album, but the single producer and miminal features make this feel like one of the rapper’s more personal efforts. By the time the darker beat and scratches of the final song ‘I’m Done Signing Vinyl’ caps things off, listeners have an even better picture of how Jah-Monte’s life influences his music

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