Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon - Here, There & Everywhere

2021 was another fantastic year for Lord Jah-Monte Obgon, and 2022 is looking to be just as good based on the sound of his brand new project Here, There & Everywhere . ‘The Sneaky Link’ will immediately tell you that little has changed about the rapper’s sound, his flows are still airtight and brimming with charisma, his beat choices are still soulfully stellar, and his hooks are still the best in the business. If you’ve enjoyed Jah-Monte’s past work, then this will scratch the same itch that last year’s Beautifully Black did. There’s a bigger roster of producers and less features here, but the basic principles of outstanding rapper + impeccable production = timeless music remain.

Long time fans will be glad to see familiar faces such as Mike Digi and Ohbliv make a return, as these guys have consistently proven that they’re some of the most vital collaborators in Jah-Monte’s arsenal. Indeed, some of these songs feel like the most fleshed-out creations that the Charlotte rapper and crew have ever put together. ‘Still For the Streets’ is a perfect example of this, soaked as it is in atmosphere and an excellent guest spot from Seph Dot. Jah-Monte never lets anyone truly steal the show, however, also putting in one of his craziest performances ever. There’s a great mix of harder beats and more relaxing content, allowing the MC to cover a wide variety of bases while staying true to the things that make him an exceptional artist.

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