Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon - I’ve Really Never Been Better

“There is a certain beauty found in progress that can only be appreciated when built on the foundation of conflict and struggle. Fresh off the release of the critically acclaimed ‘Highly Favored’ album, LORD JAH-MONTE OGBON, a rapper hailing from Charlotte, with roots in Akron, Ohio, presents ‘I’VE RLLY NVR BEEN BETTER’. This offering showcases Jah-monte’s reflection on lost love through the opening tracks ‘That’s A Red Flag/The World’ and ‘8 Pregnancy Scares’. Seamlessly transitioning into the ethereal sounds of ‘Third Times A Charm’, produced by the talented Saint James, the rapper delves deeper into the fast-paced lifestyle that has brought both blessings and turbulence to his personal life. Throughout the project, Jah-monte’s ability to effortlessly blend braggadocious lines with an unpretentious delivery is refined, showcasing his growth over the years. Whether drawing on sports references or Harry Potter allegories, his confident remarks about his successes come across as genuine.
The album boasts production from a range of talented individuals including Tyrus Diary, Cloudboy, Saint James, Dirty Art Club, and Ogbon himself. Each beat has a lush quality that complements the rapper’s witty observations and proclamations. The featured artists on the album are all longtime collaborators, which gives the project a cohesive and familial vibe. U’nik Flow brings his unique style to the cheeky track ‘Coach K & Pee’, while Denzel Davon appears twice, once with a solo verse. The album concludes with the magnificent ‘Periodically’, where Jah-monte lists his requirements for a companion who can match his rising renown in the music industry. ‘I’VE RLLY NVR BEEN BETTER’ is yet another step forward for the artist, and the title aptly captures the essence of this artistic masterpiece.”

  • Simon SMTHNG
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