Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon – TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE

The latest in a string of superb releases from Charlotte’s Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon, Too Little, Too Late captures the rapper in top form once again. Sporting production from an ensemble cast (Mike Digi and Flls being two of the top performers), the album is a more relaxing listen than many of the rapper’s past works. The beats are far from one note however, as the sonic diversity on offer here is easily on par with any of his past releases. The raps are impeccable once again, with single ‘He For the Streets’ being a major highlight. This track’s title is an interesting play on words that captures the wider appeal of the Charlotte MC’s music eloquently. Although it holds within its tracklist the same brilliance as his other 2021 releases, I strongly feel that this is the beginning of a new era for Jah-Monte. He may still have plenty of time for naysayers, but with greater blessings in his life than ever it’s only right that the rapper celebrates them with more triumphant, luxurious lyrical content. He more than deserves his place in the rap hall of fame, and it’s clearer than ever on this release that he isn’t going anywhere but up from here. The album’s title adopts a double meaning in this sense, it is aimed not only at those who may have doubted Jah-Monte’s rise to the top, but also towards those who think he may one day fall from his position (it’s far ‘Too Late’ for that).

Mike Digi
Shawn May
Dre Mendoza
Command B
Old Boy
Cookie W da cream
Timepiece Tracks
DJ Ray
Frank Vinyl

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