Lync Lone - Hotel Cadillac

based on the infamous Cadillac Hotel in my home city of Rochester, NY. The hotel stood for over 100 years, hosting guests such as Jimi Hendrix & Frank Sinatra in its heyday. “Quality rooms for budget prices” was one of the first taglines and that statement remained true for a while. Over the years, though, due to constantly rotating management and failure to maintain standard living conditions, the hotel became somewhat of a shell of its former self, now primarily housing drug addicts, prostitutes & criminals alike for prices no more than $150 per week. One of the doors had the word “DEATH” permanently marked into it because it was the room where the most number of people had overdosed. The famous Genesee River Killer, Arthur Shawcross, was even known to stay here while he was active. You get the picture. This project was influenced by living down the street from this hotel and hearing stories about it for years. Closed for renovation/gentrification in 2018, the hotel’s notorious legacy will no doubt live on forever in the hearts of those it provided for.

fully produced by Rice Master Yen
written, recorded, mixed, mastered & arranged by Lync Lone
additional mixing by Rice Master Yen

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