Magnetic The Shaman, Brainorchestra. - Can't Wait For Patience

Magnetic & Brainorchestra return with ‘Can’t Wait For Patience’, tailored to be a companion piece to the 2021 EP ‘Three Treasures’. Focusing less on an overarching conceptual story, and more on high caliber lyricism & collaboration; I just wanted some really good raps and we made it happen.

“Patience is virtue” is a phrase I use almost daily in my everyday life, and I think what I mostly want to convey to the people is that patience isn’t passive. Patience requires practice, determination, discipline, and balance. You can’t wait on patience to come, you have to work towards it in order to awaken it. I’m still reaching towards the point where I’m working with all of the artists I want to work with, writing the flows I want to write, telling the types of stories I want to tell. But patience is a virtue.

Written and performed by Magnetic The Shaman

Music produced by Brainorchestra

Additional verses written and performed by:

Freddy Stone on “Tip Of The Tongue”
Ben Beal on “Unagi”
Sneeze on “Patience Is Key”
DøøF, Lungs//LoneSword & phiik on “Hand Over Fist”
The Miserable Genius on “Flow Like Moses”
Brainorchestra on “Daedalus”

Additional saxophone performed by Calo on:
“Can’t Wait For Patience”
“The Zone AKA Uncrowned King”
“Patience Is Key”

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Moore The Producer @ Lil’ Drummaboy Recordings (Philadelphia, PA)

Cover artwork by ByeeKo

Paul Pastourmatzis for Pueblo Vista

UtherSyde Arts & Media Collective

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