Magnetic The Shaman, Brainorchestra. - Three Treasures

After an emotionally and spiritually troubling year, just one in almost 26 years of living, Magnetic The Shaman set out to further explore his philosophies in order to soothe his soul. “Three Treasures” was created as the next step of this journey after meeting with Elizabeth, New Jersey artist and producer Brainorchestra.

Each track on the three song EP is inspired by the three basic virtues, or three treasures, of Taoism, namely compassion (“Hattori Hanzō”), humility (“Illadelph to Brooklynati”), and frugality (“10 Million Zeni”). With comments on the state of human decency, living modestly and with moderation, Magnetic continues to put together the pieces of long-standing puzzle.

All words written and performed by Dillon Charles Randolph

Additional verses written and performed by: Von Pea & Donwill on “Illadelph to Brooklynati”

Additional cuts performed by: Donwill on “10 Million Zeni”

Music produced by: Brainorchestra

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Moore The Producer @ Lil’ Drummaboy Recordings (Philadelphia, PA)

Cover artwork by ByeeKo

Ben Beal for Birdhouse Recordings, distributed by Too Lost

UtherSyde Arts & Media Collective

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