Mantis The Miasma - Cold Soul 2

Written by Mantis the Miasma (and featured artists where applicable)

Tracks 1,5, and 9 produced by Conor Steez
Track 2 produced by Dr. Khil
Track 3 produced by WiltBeatz
Track 4 produced by Specter Gadget
Track 6 produced by Cashmere P
Track 7 produced by Bloodblixing
Track 8 produced by Animist
Tracks 10,12,and 13 produced by Mantis the Miasma
Track 11 produced by Messiah Musik
Track 14 produced by Brainorchestra

Tracks 1,2,7,10, and 11 engineered by Steel-tipped Dove
Tracks 4,5,6,9,13, and 14 engineered by JUNE!
Tracks 3,8, and 12 engineered by Mantis the Miasma

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