Mantis the Miasma, Tokyo Cigar - Kamakiri Klouds

“When Tokyo first approached me to work on a full project, I was ecstatic. I quickly wrote to beats and created a capellas that Tokyo painted beautiful instrumentation around, blowing both of us away with our unique musical chemistry. This project was written while living with my family in Canoga Park, California and takes inspiration from the environment and the many people I’ve met here. A big shout out to everyone I’ve met in Canoga: S.T.O.N.E., YFB, Jose, Anthony, George, David, Evelyn, Cuba, and everyone else who helped me through a difficult time and environment in my life.

The narrative framework that Kamakiri Klouds formed into largely dives into feeling pressured in an environment full of gangs, drugs, and conflicts that are difficult but sadly common. As someone who’s been in California my entire life I felt it imperative to discuss these issues from my own perspective.”

  • Justin (Mantis)

Written by Mantis the Miasma
Produced by Tokyo Cigar

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