MATTHEW FOHDH, Butter and Salmon - FOHDH

FOHDH Matthew’s debut album, “FOHDH,” takes listeners on a raw and introspective journey through the decaying streets of a city in turmoil. With tracks like “Dr. Umar” and “Sodom And Gomorrah,PA” Matthew delves deep into his personal struggles as he grapples with the haunting question of whether he is a product of his environment or if he has reached the point of no return mentally. The album’s nostalgic vibe and evocative storytelling transport you to the heart of Philadelphia, allowing you to vividly experience the gritty reality that Matthew confronts.

Formerly known as Matt Ford, Matthew finds renewal and rebirth in “FOHDH.” His poignant lyrics and captivating delivery capture the essence of an underground rap artist trying to navigate the complexities of a deteriorating urban landscape. With each track, he skillfully balances introspection and social commentary, painting a vivid picture of a city caught in the grip of decay. The album’s powerful storytelling and authentic portrayal of life’s hardships make it a compelling and thought-provoking piece of art that resonates with anyone who has faced adversity and wrestled with the choices presented by their surroundings. Production duo Butter and Salmon handles the boards crafting an intricate and lush landscape for the duration. This project is presented by Grilchy Party, an imprint known for consistently presenting fresh, new and innovative artists to the Hip Hop space.

All lyrics: Matthew

All production: Butter and Salmon

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