Mic Bles, Level 13 - Still No Halos

From OxCity to Illadelphia Mic Bles and Level 13 deliver another gritty yet timeless MC / Producer boombap collaboration with their sequel project - “Still No Halos” !!

The 10 track offering boasts a hard Hitting lineup of underground rhyme heavyweights King Syze (AOTP) ETheMadAssasin, Recognize Ali, D.R.E. Colombian Raw, WRD Life, Tesla’s Ghost, Coast LoCastro and Taboo. All delivering top tier bars on their respective appearances.

Including cuts and scratches from acclaimed turntablist’s DJ Romes, DJ TMB, Tone Spliff and DJ Mysterons respectively.

” Still No Halos “ is an audio drama that plays like street cinema .

Mic Bles x Level 13

CHECK THE VISUALS : youtu.be/WF0AqKEwHSU?si=R0Ik7t7yvz0IhLeq

All Beats Produced By Level 13
Album Mixed and Mastered BY DJ Romes
Photography: Rincon Photography
Design: The Dungeon
Video: SciFilms - Fred805

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