MichaelAngelo - No Face, No Case

Enter the clandestine world of “No Face, No Case”, the latest opus from Boston hip-hop producer MichaelAngelo, out this in Friday March 22nd on all digital platforms! This project draws inspiration from the underworld and its enigmatic vibe, infusing every track with an irresistible aura of mystery and grit. Even though Michaelangelo production take center stage, he enlists a lineup of top-tier lyricists to tell a story of its own, including CRIMEAPPLE, Primo Profit, RLX, Daniel Son, Shaykh Hanif, Elcamino, Clovis Ochin, LPH Crack and LPH Stat. “No Face, No Case” isn’t just an album – it’s an experience and a visceral journey into the heart of the underworld crafted by one of the most interesting producers around these days!

Produced by MichelAngelo
Mixed & Mastered by MichaelAngelo at Norman’s Cay
Artwork by Itay Shatz
Art direction by Domenico Errico

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