Mimz, Dunn - Infinite Lawn

Engineered/Mixed: Dunn x Mimz with special thanks to Wavy Bagels
Creative Direction: Dunn x Mimz with Geng PTP
Recorded at: Planet Locale NYC

Infinite Lawn, what is infinity? what is a lawn? Rhetorical questions one should meditate on while listening to the New EP by NY Natives Mimz and Dunn.

“ Birds of a Feather heard you Tethered to the trenches of ya never land”

Mimz makes 2 things clear with their presence on this tape. 1 I can rap 2 I can live life. While living life is a key element to making a piece of work it’s fabrication is easily noticed when a bond is created with the work. In an age where YouTube killed the boobtube and the internet has set the pace for the airwaves Mimz let’s you know that they will always create by their own rules. Mimz and Dunn both have their fair share of production credits on the Album as well Mimz producing under the handle ile deau. Dunn Bearing the Burden of having a deep voice makes his presence clear in the begining of the tape with bars you have to Google to understand. In the year 2021 we’re not not listening to rap like that, doesn’t matter the genre or delivery style research is a pillar to the enjoyment of hip hop. Dunn makes it clear he is self aware and has a bone to pick but would rather pick his own mind and create discourse thru punch lines.

” How I play Jeremy Lin Kawai whatever”

Aside from the production and rhyme ability of Mimz and Dunn they solidified the value of their project by enlisting production from no better way to say it than their comrades. Family and Introspection are strong themes in the work that being said introspection is a very annoying and dry subject. The beats definitely help, enlisting producers such as Benji Socrate$ Dough Face and features from KUYA and Desde BK . When essentially all art is self reflection and introspection. How’d they bypass that big elephant in the room which is the blandness and unseasoned meal “deep introspective rap music” is ? They’re seemingly friends and upon listening to this tape you’ll find there may have been no intention for an album just two friends, two badass kids all grown up still playin dumb and fun on an infinite lawn with quarter water stains on their clothes in pure bliss. Something young Natives aren’t allowed much anymore.



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