Moka Only - Martian 2020

Martian 2020. For the end of 2020 Moka has brought the latest installment of his Martian series. He’s gone even more LoFi and gritty on this outing and dropped lyrics that are both insightful and accurate for the times and season. Tracks like ‘And Tears’ and ‘ I just do this’ convey a deeper look into his thoughts and self perceptions, while songs like ‘Jazz on you’ and ‘all that I ever’ present a more playful and even salacious approach. The stellar ‘Daydream and eat’ rockets the listener up and above into the stratosphere through its sonic schematics and paints a vivid and tangible portrait of an average winter day of ‘The Mammal’, complete details of errands and tasks. All in all this should satisfy the most ardent Moka Only completest as well as attract new sets of ears to the ongoing chapters of the one and only ‘Kareem Serene’. - Horace Doyle, Walla Walla valley Jazz Tribune.

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