Napoleon Da Legend, D-Styles - Invincibl Rap Mislz

The dilemma ensued as the plug was pulled out of this matrix but the Zion train was missed. Boats leaving lands of mislabor were boarded by turncoats tossing rebels overboard. The untimely buses bore onward to prison pipelines and the waves of planes sprayed toxins on lifelines. Travel now was left to the most dangerous Almighty terrain and tantalizing supreme vessel, the mind’s rhyme missive to a freer tomorrow through the ferocious audio missile. Rugged and righteous thoughts of rebellion must amplify through a legendary Microphone Controller amplified by Invincibl Mislz from a Skratch Pikl in this Invisibl(e) Renaissance era.

Into the Builder’s Epoch of these times, the mic champion of this Hip Hop era has been Napoleon Da Legend. The most prolific yet profound, abnormally quantitative yet astoundingly qualitative, technically athletic with song concepts and bar battle sparring as quickly as he unveils his most intimate insights and sociopolitical builds. With D-Styles, the aural palette bedding him is engaging from the head bop bounce drum of “Table Manners” as Queen Nejma Nefertiti volleys verses with NDL, the sped up cadence with unorthodox inflection points through the rock riff bassline extended thru its chorus on “Snake Oil,” the laid back bass smash on “Distortion” where Po verses a zen equality, “Fortune and fame/ misfortune and pain/ whether you rich or broke, the coffin the same…” to the astounding DJ work dynamically interweaving Wu-Tang verse snipes letting Napoleon spar dynamically against them on “Wu Masters.” The Hip Hop integrity of ethos is upheld by Aida and NDL battling the audio foes on “Alligator Tears” and through the burst phrasing of “Supreme Haiku” on a lush guitar ballad chop. With every NDL work, his warrior quest to art a greater world through a fulfilled livelihood as a people’s artist is always expressed as on “Gods vs Titans,” through a trancing guitar melody and discordant bass thumping.

Invincibl Rap Mislz is the eminent transportation in these times, the aural missives that targets and strikes the music’s best possibilities.

-Sunez Allah-

Written & Performed by Napoleon Da Legend
Produced & Skratched by D-Styles

Featuring Aida, Amerigo Gazaway, Innocent?, Josiah The Gift & Nejma Nefertiti

Mixed by Jerry D at Tone Freq Studios
Mastered by Michal Eprom Baj

Artwork & Obi Strip by NADENECO
alternate art by LuvJonezMusic

Perpetual Stew Records 2023

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