Nation GVNG (PR The Great, Black, BIGSPITGAME, Scorcese) - DOMINVTION

The official EP from the Nation GVNG of PR The Great, Black, BIGSPITGAME, and Scorcese features production from Cashmere P (Hus Kingpin), C. Money Burns (Zilla Rocca, Wrecking Crew), Zipsquad’s own M-Lito (Black Superhero Music & 2 Man Power Trip), and Jason Griff.

Based on the Nation of Domination, the Nation GVNG marries the strength of that classic WWF Stable with the East Coast sensibilities of NJ’s own Pr the Great and the Philly Triumvirate of BIGSPITGAME, Black, and Scorcese Lorde Jones.

Featuring the first OFFICIAL single off the upcoming Nation GVNG LP (Untitled), Boat Shoes, this EP is merely an introduction of the GVNG.

Featuring fellow INSUBORDINATE Records artist Alex Ludovico.

Enjoy. Merch options will be available this week!

All raps by PR the Great, Black and Scorcese unless otherwise noted. Beats as noted.

Art by Greg Rappa.

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