Nation GVNG (PR the Great, BLACK, BIGSPITGAME, Scorcese Lorde Jones) - Nation GVNG

The Nation of Domination were a wrestling faction made up of the first ever Black NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ron Simmons, along with Kama Mustafa, D’Lo Brown, and Ahmed Johnson/The Rock/Etc.

An obvious analogy to the Nation of Islam, the original Nation of Domination featuring Clarence Thomas as their “legal counsel/manager.”

The Nation held a powerful place in my subconscious as a black wrestling fan – Ron Simmons (now known as Farooq) attacked the inequities of the systems of wrestling, routinely calling the WWF and their fans out for the repeated microaggressions and covert racism inherent in the company. They were often BOOED by the majority white fanbase, which is something i found odd. It was also

When Zipsquad member BIGSPITGAME approached fellow members Black, Pr The Great, and Scorcese (Me) about doing a mixtape, I knew that the only applicable group that made sense was the Nation. This marginally successful project was done Philly-style – all industry beats and bars. The success of the mixtape led to the spark that formed our side group, Nation GVNG. With the success of our DOMINVTION EP (2020), we are proud to present our official album, NATION GVNG.

Featuring New Jersey MC PR the Great (All Live hosted by DJ Kay Slay) along with Philly MC’s BLACK (Harlem Heat), BIGSPITGAME (Black Superhero Music) and Scorcese Lorde Jones (Dream Team, Midnight Express), this four man project is an exploration of black pride, wealth, and standing in your truth.

We hope everyone who listens to this project is able to find an escape. Soundscapes were provided by Sonnyjim (Conway, Vic Spencer, Zilla Rocca), PANELS (Estee Nack, East Hampton Polo Boys), Chillon Daviz (Westside Gunn), Doe Pesci (G-Unit), Jason Griff (Mr. Lif, Vic Spencer, Curly Castro) and Waavy Da Ghawd (Sauce Heist, K. Burns).

This album is powered by Zipsquad/INSUBORDINATE records. All Physical copies come with bonus records not found on the digital.

All raps by PR the Great, Black, and Scorcese Lorde Jones. Hooks by BIGSPITGAME

Production by PANELS, Jason Griff, SonnyJim, Chillon Daviz, Wavvy Da Ghawd, Doe Pesci, and Chris Wright

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Money Most at Flyzone Studios, MD.

Art Direction by Jason Griff, Whups, and some french girl I paid who vanished. I honestly don’t remember her name. If you the french jawn who did the B-Sides, I wish you didn’t delete the damn files so I could give you your credit.

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