Ndefru, Profound79 - Moor American Graffiti

Golden era impresarios NDEFRU x PROFOUND79 are set to captivate music enthusiasts with their latest album, “Moor American Graffiti.” The second video from the album for the track “12 AM”, which blends the genres of Hip-Hop and elements of romance, showcases the unique style and entrepreneurial vibes that have defined the artists’ sound.

“12 AM” exudes a quirky and upbeat mood with a touch of romanticism. Through skillful instrumentation and infectious lyrics, NDEFRU x PROFOUND79 invites listeners into a sonic journey filled with passion and optimism. NDEFRU’s vocals, accompanied by Profound79’s percussion-driven beats and a soothing bassline, create a medium-energy composition that is sure to strike a chord with fans of the genre foreshadowing the balance of the album’s landscape.

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed artists such as Nas, J. Cole, Gangstarr, and Childish Gambino, NDEFRU x PROFOUND79 effortlessly infused their own unique flair into the boom bap pantheon. With their ability to create catchy melodies and lyrics that resonate with audiences, they have established themselves as artists of wide influence.

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