Neak - Innenstadt

Innenstadt centers around the extreme-stark dynamics of inner-city black culture and how it affects day-to-day existence. With diminishing resources and development, many things shift internally pertaining to a person’s well-being. It is documented here through hip-hop sonics and true-to-heart emotions of Chicago rap artist/producer Neak navigating a multitude of chaotic emotional and economic dynamics.

Cultivated to shed light on “What’s Going On,” Innenstadt is a musical journey in sound right into the depths of inner-city blues while headlining aspects that exacerbate this very way-of-life.

Executive produced, mixed, and mastered by Rashid Hadee

MCs feat:

Philmore Greene - WDYBIN

Rashid Hadee - WDYBIN

Yarbrough - WDYBIN

Since9ine6ix - WDYBIN

Production Credits:

Vibrations - Slot-A

What Would 2Pac Say - Neak, Slot-A

4Eva Eva - Rashid Hadee

Days Is Shorter - Neak

What’s Really Here - Neak

Gentrified - Neak

Broken Princess - Neak

WDYBIN Remix - Neak

Photography - Irv22 Photography

Creative Direction - Neak

Neak Imprints, LLC
Gold Standard Collective, LLC

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