NOLAN - P​.​S.

“If you’ve kept up with NOLAN — the firebrand MC and beat maker from Detroit — then you’ve seen his growth. But if you haven’t, fear not, because his latest LP, P.S., perfectly encapsulates where he’s been and where he’s going. NOLAN came up spitting flames over dusty loops and creating grimy beats that harkened back to hip hop’s golden era. But then, he stripped everything back. On 2020’s TALK SOON, he made it a point to change up his flow and write to unpretentious beats that hit hard. On P.S., NOLAN expertly combines these various elements of his sound into one comprehensive project. On songs like “noodle,” “broken combs,” and “blues” you can hear the smoothed out, grimy, and splashes of jazz from NOLAN’s past. Alternatively, “freekit” — the record’s single — is humorous and feels more recent. Through it all, NOLAN floats above the instrumentals with encouraging self-empowered bars informed by having experienced real shit. When all is said and done, what shines through on P.S. is NOLAN knows where he came from and isn’t afraid of what’s next. And with that, NOLAN delivers his most fully realized project to date while bringing his sound full circle.” ~Gus Navarro

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