Nowaah The Flood, Giallo Point - Right Over Left

“One of the most interesting names part of this actual “flood” of talent that has been affecting the US Hip-Hop scene in recent years, bringing back that dirty and raw sound that emerges from the underground, is definitely Nowaah The Flood. From the moment his name began to circulate, this gifted and prolific MC has released about a dozen projects and hundreds of songs, in just a couple of years. After having already collaborated with some of the strongest American underground producers such as Stu Bangas, The Architect or Dirty Diggs, for the latter work he is joined by work on the machines of the British Giallo Point, one of the most gifted beatmakers on the international underground scene. “Right Over Left” is a condensation of rough rap on dusty and raw loops and the confirmation of how Nowaah The Flood is another great rapper of this underground wave to follow closely.” ~ Throw Up Magazine (Italy)

“No matter where you begin with Dallas rapper Nowaah The Flood’s discography, you’re bound to feel what he’s putting down. But let me take this opportunity to strongly recommend, no matter what your familiarity may be, to get Right Over Left into your ears. Produced gratifyingly by Giallo Point, a name that Vinnie Paz fans may find familiar, the project delivers delightfully dusty turntable boom bap on “Texas Toast” and the scratchtastic “Flash Flood.” With the benefit of such durable beats, Nowaah spits with the intricacy of a Shaolin assassin and the menace of a Buffalo soldier, his rugged flows on “Cookie Crew” and “Falling Starz” bound to send chills up any verbose rap lover’s spine.” ~ Cabbages Hip Hop

Lyrics By Nowaah The Flood
Beats And Scratches By Giallo Point
Mixed And Mastered By The Mali Empire

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