NugLife - The Beat Dispensary 2

Welcome to The Beat Dispensary !

Opening up shop yet again, NugLife invites fans & listeners back into The Beat Dispensary, full of gourmet sounds & herbs, continuing on the saga of the first project.”The Beat Dispensary 2” features a variety pack of eclectic NugLife produced beats, accompanied with vocals by many of NugLife’s past collaborators, as well as some new faces such as, Dizzy Wright, Papa J. Ruiz, Chuuwee & Grandmilly. With a mix of a jazzy & gritty beat selection, accompanied by top teir wordsmiths, this project allowed both the producer and the artists to shine to the fullest. Nug’s also had fun mixing up different artist collaborations on the same tracks, whom fans may not have expected to work together.

The production & sampling choices were composed of wide spectrum of soul & jazz with some occasional grittiness through out. As an independent hip hop producer, Nug’s yet again cleared most all of the samples on the project via “Tracklib”, with the exception of some of the original produced tracks. Overall, displaying the signature NugLife sound throughout the different sub-genres of hip hop.

Vinyl pre-order (digital download included):

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