P-Ro - Handwriting on the Wall

The Knuckle Dragguz own MC/Producer/Illustrator P-Ro is back to follow up his critically-acclaimed February release “Painter’s Touch” with a brand new LP “Handwriting on the Wall”. Here, P ties Graffiti in as the running theme, exposing people to the writing on their own walls in life that they may not want to acknowledge or own. As a break from P’s usual pattern of having one Producer per LP, there are a slew of great underground producers who create the perfect soundscape, as well as a group of MC’s that balance the rest out in the same way. Come see the sites and breathe in the fumes..

Production by fellow Knuckle Dragguz Crack Sizzlack, Uglyjon, CLOAQXDAGGER, Talirod and Mathias, as well as Mindspawn, Bofaat, Tone Beatz, Iadonik, Chef Bogey, JQuest Beatz and Chairman Chow.

Featuring G Fam Black, Oak Lonetree, Aztech from Hybrid Thoughts, Lateb, Crotona P, E.T.E.L., Relentless the Tangible and L Bean.

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