Paavo, Chill Da God - All to the Wind

Here is a secret I want to share. Up to this point of making music I never stepped foot into a real deal studio. So for 20 years we have been doing home recording and mixing mastering on our own. Whether it has been quality audio or not, that was the path we chose. When chill sent this last batch of beats I spent time listening to the music and to a voice in my head saying you need to try the studio now. Having a little bit of financial freedom I went. I asked the homie Quintessential who he used. If that engineer could tame his voice my voice would have no issue. The experience was eye opening. I came away with a big respect for how Pro studios can really elevate the sound. I went in hoping to record 2 songs to completion but we ended up doing 4 that session. My only concern was performing the music. Not recording levels editing, arranging mixing. Just giving my best performance. 4 of the nine songs were done by Adam Reed (Reed recording). The rest were done at home so I had the huge task of trying to match that sound. To all the folks that continue to give this music time I can’t thank you enough.

Produced by Chill da God
Lyrics by Paavo
Engineered by Adam Reed **
Speckle of time
Heaven can wait
Mastered by Paavo

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