PENPALS, EMERLD - EMERLD City All-Stars In Space

Following up from their 2020 EP with EMERLD that has garnered over 3 million streams worldwide, PENPALS take their next outing intergalactic with EMERLD City All-Stars in Space! The full length collaboration is a cosmic voyage through the Germany-based EMERLD’s futuristic sounds and otherworldly bars from New Yorkers Rapswell and Bobby Noble. Features include the likes of Lars Viola, Jerré, Kwaj, and Thonio, all lending their distinct voices to the mix. In the words of Kwaj, “EMERLD production and y’all flows makes it mad unique compared to what’s out right now.”

Highlights include the sonic nebula of “Lupita”, weaving skittering drum patterns and shooting phasers behind double time rhyme schemes, the luxurious J Dilla tribute “Raw Deluxe”, and the bouncy timehop tune “Funkadelic”. Swell and Bobby also show up for a solo track apiece and show why they are two of the best writers out now, with the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy references of “So Long, and Thanks for the Fish” and paranoid banger “Eyes on the Road”. Another notch on the asteroid belt for the PENPALS crew. Time to blast off!

Beats by EMERLD
Lyrics by Rapswell & Bobby Noble
Artwork by Spectacular Diagnostics

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