Planet Asia, Local Astronauts - No Retirement

In HipHop, there’s been a stigma lurking among the community. The concept of artist being considered old and washed up is a thing of the past. If you’re not aware, the top artist in today’s industry are well over the 30 year-old aging mark. It just seems like it’s a “young man’s game”, because of what The media decides to tell us. So how about we show you an artist that’s an example of refreshing his career every project. His name is Planet Asia.

The legendary Fresno, CA MC Planet Asia continues his streak of consistent work by dropping his latest project titled “No Retirement”. This collaborative, 13 song album, produced entirely by LA super-producer group Local Astronauts, is an ode to how legendary MC‘s are supposed to make music to stay relevant in today’s hip-hop.

The project intro starts off with some encouraging words from the late great Nip, discussing the importance of being independent followed by lyricism from Asia to bring in the album. Followed by two hard hitting lyrical joints “Incognito” and “Deadly Dialogue”. Standout tracks like “Cigar Lounge” feat Washeyi Choir, “Cognac”, and “Easy On The Pedal” featuring Jay Worthy are examples of how King Medallions has transitioned his sound to cover more smoother, heavy sample type beats. He also goes into full performance mode with songs “Watch Out” and “Already Know” geared to rock crowds for sure.

“No Retirement” is a body of work that is carefully crafted from track to track and does not disappoint the traditional Hiphop fan nor the new wave of MC curriculum. It reminds us of why we have survived for 50 years strong, and with artist like Planet Asia, the future’s in good hands.

Executive Producers: Badru Umi & Kenrick Mejia
Produced Entirely by Local Astronauts
A&R Director: Dough Networkz
Production Assistant: TY Lewis
Additional Production: DJ Fat Jack & William “Solini” Leftwich
Additional Vocals: Washeyi Choir, Iman Burkes & Parlay Bailey
Recorded at Ivervine Studios

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