pop! - The Abstraction Of Squandering Thoughts

pop! is Jouquin Fox (words) & Lord Glacier (beats)

From pop!-
“At a time when educated society is losing interest in honest, illegal literature, an impassioned desire for knowledge and for socialism is growing among the workers…” - Lenin

Conversations between the director of “pop!” Lord Glacier (played by Civilian42 Travis John) and its lead actor Jouquin Fox (played by Civilian77 Jouquin Fox) dismembered into this sample-heavy, influence-littered album:
“The Abstraction Of Squandering Thoughts”
…Is a purposeful sitting with suffering. To feel and observe fully what parasites are sucking the earth dry.
Then, swerving bylaws to experiment on them, and anthropomorphize them, and connecting statues to ideas thrown to the side in lieu of… whatever this is we are left with.
Tracking all the eggs in the one basket for material creation, then obtaining material creations to eat ideas.
Thank you Camus, DiPrima, Young, Burroughs, Waldman, Baraka.
Denouncement then advances.
Travis is living in Ontario and Jouquin in Kansas, there’s something to be said about the relatable bleakness this album reflects and tries to navigate through to move into the past. Luckily, the internet exists at this time to connect those who need to be connected.
Magnify and draw details, then draw conclusions, then void and find new new.

This release is a collaborative effort between Beartooth Collective x 42 Conquistadors x FilthyBroke Recordings
Digitally distributed by Alpha Pup

Beartooth Collective has the lathe-cut record preorder HERE:

“The Feather” features Lord Glacier w/ additional vocals
“Red Sun” features Andrew Mbaruk w/ additional vocals

Art by Lord Glacier
Layout by Jouquin Fox
Mixed & Mastered by MJC at FBR

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