Pro Zay, Ed Glorious - GUTTA GLORY

The word to keep with you is fit. Producer Ed Glorious and rapper Pro Zay both have the power to change your mood in seconds. The immediate impact they make on music feels tied to a no jabs all power punch’s philosophy. They establish rules of engagement: nothing comes easy in the world of GUTTA GLORY. This music provides thick sonic textures that breeds emotional exploration. On Shavin Off you earn your first gun as the loop gets diced thin. For those meeting Pro Zay’s authoritative voice for the first time just know its texture is as rough as this world treats us. As a narrator you won’t be left wondering if the violence has consequences or if these scenarios need moral inspection. On Gutta Glory Zay flexes the most catchy hooks of his discography, Nothin as possibly the finest example of his growth in building the chorus. Ed gives widescreen soulful boom bap to make Apollo Brown whistle, see Someday. Whether its Teller Bank$, Sleep Sinatra whoever Ed builds beats for ends up digging into themselves for more. That was already the mission Pro Zay’s music had been on, see Blood Stained Pages. With fit in mind this is simply an album that had to happen. Ed would never take time away from the song to impress you with a trick, Zay would never stunt on you in a way that doesn’t connect to cabinets full of worries he has to get off his mind. If you’ve been typing on your social media about the overly prevent element of artifice in hip hop, your welcome to have this album. As Gutta Glory surveys our shared damaged environment, it teeters between genuine catharsis and the rush of that old bad adrenaline. The kind you develop over a thousand folded together nights gone wrong. Instead of punching a wall or crying you’ll have Gutta Glory.





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