Profound Bastard, Tokyo Cigar - Tooth and Claw: Nobody Iz Safe

Recently i was focused hard on writing the “Raymond” album and hadn’t flipped any beats in a minute. My gut started fucking with me and saying “Do beats NOW” and whenever stuff like that happens I listen to my gut. The second suggestion my gut said was to re flip the Nobody Is Safe joint that i mixed for the fam Profound. I decided to do something dusted, raw and EVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL sounding cause as long as i known him he’s been a huge horror movie fan.

Did this over a quick 3 day period and SPAZZED on some extra dusted production isht for this. This is music for Zombies that spend their Thursdays boxing with the brass knuckles that have spikes on em.

Written By Profound Bastard

Produced, mixed and arranged by Tokyo Cigar

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