Raashan Ahmad, Rita J - Black Koala

Raashan Ahmad - (Altadena>Boston>Oakland>Santa Fe) & Rita J - (Chicago)

Are Black Koala!

10 tracks of beautiful Hip Hop music produced by Vienna Producer Mez & French producer 20 Syl.

We made this album after running into each other on tour in Brazil then again in France. We kept talking about needing to do a project together then eventually met up on my homies farm in Southern Oregon in the U.S. and made this record. Being in the same space and recording in the age of sending verses back and forth seemed a bit crazy in a sense but we really wanted to catch a real vibe of 2 mc’s in sync and where a real moment and connection was captured. We spent 7 days eating bomb food, living, laughing, writing, recording, and just vibing…

We asked for beats from a bunch of folks but ended up feeling the overall vibes of Mez, a Vienna based producer who I previously worked with on my solo material and whose beats just hit me and Rita as the perfect instrumentation to the album we wanted to create. The incredibly talented homie 20Syl (Hocus Pocus, C2C, AllttA) who I also had worked with before and who Rita collaborated with on his group”s (C2C) album came in with 2 joints to round it out. We also got some amazing features from our folks Destani Wolf, Wes Restless, and the ever dope Georgia Anne Muldrow.

Before I sign off I wanna give a BIG shout to our good friends James and Kels at old gold gardens where this project was recorded and who supported this project in the most amazing way. Enjoy!

Raashan Ahmad

Raps by Raashan Ahmad & Rita J
Produced by Mez & 20Syl
Featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow, Destani Wolf, Wes Restless
Mixed and Mastered by Patrick “Tricky” Kummeneker

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