Raticus, M.A.V., Rim Da Villin - RocVille

Roc Ville New York! The perspectives of Rochester and Brownsville, sharing many of the same obstacles and challenges of city life. Learning lessons of life early, understanding the survival of fittest mentally - playing CHESS and not checkers. Raticus sets the vibrations for these MCs to tell some of their experiences and beliefs, forming the RocVille experience.

9 Track album.

All songs written by M.A.V, Rim Da Villin and Raticus. All lyrics written by M.A.V. and Rim Da Villin. Produced by Raticus for Chop Shop Productions. All Scratches by Raticus. The Rat Cavern Music ASCAP 2020. Cover art by Fried Bacteria, back cover by Eye n Eye Media, CD Inserts and vinyl labels by Deadly Album Covers.

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