Rawmatik, Raf Almighty, G Stats - The Ruler Gods

Hip-hop is a universal language that millions have learned to speak in the nearly five decades since its birth, from New York to Berlin to Tokyo. That is why Budapest’s beatmaker Rawmatik (who previously worked with rap-heavyweights like Edo G., Termanology or Rasco), New York’s underground veteran G Stats and lyricist Raf Almighty from Baltimore could understand each other immediately with the methods of the “golden era”. The trio of the two American linguists and the Hungarian beatsmith named themselves The Ruler Gods, and with months of joint, hard work across continents, they created a full record of material out of rhymes reflecting real life, all based on heavy boom bap beats. Ruste Juxx (Duckdown Records) and Ras Kass, the west coast hip-hop poet jumped in with their own verses and made the album complete.

Mix/Master: Geza Ribar & Rawmatik @ Intersound Studio, Budapest
Release Format: Vinyl/CD/Stream&Download
Release Date: Feb 18, 2021
Label: Kriminal Beats
Artwork: Zoltan Lovas

CD: rawmatik.com/termek/the-ruler-gods-cd

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