Realio Sparkzwell, The SOULution - Songs Of Solomon

This project was produced by The SOULution out of Canada. Songs of Solomon was recorded in the end of the summer in 2019 when The SOULution approached Realio Sparkzwell to record a project together. Realio was going through a heartbreak at the time so Songs Of Solomon became a part of his personal therapy to write and record this piece of music. This will be available for a free download only for a limited time until a bigger rollout comes out with video included and all streaming sites. Realio spoke quite frankly about this project in his interview with UGHH Blog stating “It’s all about my love for a very special woman. We both helped to change each other’s lives in beautiful ways. It’s another soulful album with an R&B twist. You might catch me signing on it, shhh. I can’t sing (laughs). In my past I’ve also written songs about her. On my album, Monoatomic Gold, she’s the inspiration to my song “Love of My Life”. On my Mahdi Musik LP, she inspired “Beautiful Flower”. On Akira, she’s the inspiration for “40 Days and 40 Nights”. On Splashwork Yang she’s the inspiration for the track “Everything” Shit gets deep. She was my absolute best friend, I still consider her the best friend I ever had. I don’t give a fuck what anybody might say.”

Realio sparkzwell. The SOULution

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