Rigz, Mooch, Big Ghost Ltd - The Only Way Out

This aint no album yo the shit is a movie. You hear bum ass rappers call the bum ass shit they do “a movie” all the time but this aint that. This shit is cinematic FORREAL.. Reality told from two shared perspectives in a semi chronological way without no sugar sprinkled on top. In the first half you get the glorification of the streets. In the second half you get the less glamorous n enticing side of the coin following the same timeline. The realities of both presented without filters. Gritty. Grimy. Brutal. Violent. Merciless… And sometimes heartfelt. Just in time for the Holiday Season!

Produced by Big Ghost Ltd
All Instruments by Hector Puente Colon Jr & The Santiago Men’s Basketball Philharmonic Orchestra
Cover artwork by Jelle

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